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Siniat Hydropanel is a cement fibre board for use internal use in wall, ceiling and floor applications. Hydropanel offers high levels of moisture, impact and acoustic resistance along with Class 0 fire performence. Hydropanel is easy to handle and work and can be fixed using standard tools to a variety of timber or metal fixing systems. The board’s smooth surface and tapered edges allow for decoration in the same way as standard plasterboard. Available as complete system including Hydropanel joint compounds, fixings and sealers

Best suited for


  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Student accommodation


  • Fire


  • One board for all applications offering impact, fire, moisture and acoustic performance • Fire safe, no fire ignition, no spread of fire
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Rot-proof, freeze-proof and resistant to mould, bacteria, insects & vermin providing safety and security
  • High impact resistance providing durability for high traffic areas such as corridors and communal areas


  • Ideal as a tile backing board for kitchens, bathrooms, shower and changing facilities.
  • Wall, ceiling and floor system applications in hospitals, schools and offices.

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